Final Fantasy VII Casual Speed Run (QBRADQ) Part 1

Final Fantasy VII Casual Speed Run (QBRADQ) Part 1

This started off being just a video quality test, but now that I’m please with the result this is officially the first part of my casual speed run of Final Fantasy VII! Yay!

Run Details and Links: http://forum.speeddemosarchive.com/post/final_fantasy_vii582.html

There are minor running mistakes in this segment, as there will be in just about every segment 😀 Read the forum post for full info. This is a casual speed run, so I will be accepting anything that isn’t just awful.

I am very pleased with my time though, sub-7 minutes. I’ve done this segment about 30 times now trying to get my setup right.

At the end of the segment I check the character’s status. Cloud’s Magic attribute and Barret’s Strength are not optimal, but this isn’t one of those kinds of runs 😀 If both of these attributes are maxed, the next segment can be completed just a little bit faster.

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