When playing Final Fantasy 7, there are a number of different armor pieces that are available that can be equipped on a character. Much like weapons, each armor gives a stat increase, and materia slots to equip materia. Below you will find a list of all the pieces of armor available during the game. They can be equipped on any character, and there are no restrictions.

  • Bronze Bangle:
  • Iron Bangle:
  • Titan Bangle:
  • Mythril Armlet:
  • Carbon Bangle:
  • Silver Armlet:
  • Gold Armlet:
  • Diamond Bangle:
  • Crystal Bangle:
  • Platinum Bangle:
  • Rune Armlet:
  • Edincoat:
  • Wizard Bracelet:
  • Adaman Bangle:
  • Gigas Armlet:
  • Imperial Guard:
  • Aegis Armlet:
  • Fourth Bracelet:
  • Warrior Bangle:
  • Shinra Beta:
  • Shinra Alpha:
  • Four Slots:
  • Fire Armlet:
  • Aurora Armlet:
  • Bolt Armlet:
  • Dragon Armlet:
  • Minerva Band:
  • Escort Guard:
  • Mystile:
  • Ziedrich:
  • Precious Watch:
  • Chocobracelet:

Final Fantasy 7 PC: Armor

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