Enemy Skills

Angel Whisper   50
  Brings target back to life and restores all HP and cures all status ailments.
 Obtain  Location  
Pollensalta Northern Crater  
Aqualung   34
  Attacks all enemies for heavy water-elemental damage.
 Obtain  Location  
Jenova*Life The Forgotten City  
Harpy Corel Desert  
Serpent Sunken Gelnika Airplane  
Bad Breath   58
  Inflicts a number of status ailments on all enemies. Casted ailments include Confuse, Frog, Mini, Poison, and Sleep.
 Obtain  Location  
Molbor Gaea’s Cliff (CD 2) & Northern Crater
Beta   35
  Attacks all enemies for heavy fire-elemental damage.
 Obtain  Location  
Midgar Zolom Swamp near Chocobo Farm  
Big Guard   56
  Surrounds your party with protective barriers. Casts Haste, Barrier, and MBarrier on all characters.
 Obtain  Location  
Beach Plug Costa Del Sol Beach Shorelines  
Chocobuckle   3
  Attacks one enemy for powerful special damage. Damage is equal the amount of times your party has run from battle.
 Obtain  Location  
Lv4x Chocobo Any tracked land area on the world map (with the Chocobo Lure materia equipped) and use L4 Suicide on the chocobo to force the chocobo to cast it.
Death Force   3
  Casted character becomes immune to instant death.
 Obtain  Location  
Adamantaimai Wutai Beach Shoreline  
Death Sentence   10
  Gives the casted target a 60 second countdown before instant death.
 Obtain  Location  
Sneaky Steps Cave of Gi (Disc 1)  
Gi Specter Cave of the Gi (Disc 1)  
Bound Fat Corral Valley  
Dragon Force   19
  Increases both physical and magic defense.
 Obtain  Location  
Dark Dragon Northern Crater  
Flame Thrower   10
  Attacks one enemy for heavy fire-elemental damage.
 Obtain  Location  
Archdragon Mythril Mine  
Dragon Nibelheim Mountains  
Frog Song   5
  Transforms the target into a frog and puts them to sleep.
 Obtain  Location  
Touch Me Gongaga Forest  
Toxic Frog Temple of the Ancients  
Goblin Punch   0
  Punches one enemy. Damage is multiplied if the opponent has equal experience level.
 Obtain  Location  
Goblin Goblin Island  
L4 Suicide   10
  Significantly lowers target’s HP if their experience level is a multiple of 4, also causing Mini.
 Obtain  Location  
Mu Chocobo Farm (area)  
Trickplay Bone Village (Area), Corral Valley  
L5 Death   22
  Instantly dispatches an enemy whose experience level has a multiple of 5.
 Obtain  Location  
Parasite Northern Crater  
Laser   16
  Cuts target’s HP in half.  
 Obtain  Location  
Death Claws Corel Prison (CD 1)  
Dark Dragon Northern Crater  
Magic Breath   75
  Attacks all enemies for ice, fire, and lightning-elemental damage.
 Obtain  Location  
Stilva Gaea’s Cliff (CD 2)  
Parasite Northern Crater  
Magic Hammer   3
  Attacks enemy and withdraws up to 100 MP and returns it to the casting character.
 Obtain  Location  
Razor Weed Plains area around Wutai  
Matra Magic   8
  Attacks one enemy with a missile attack for magic damage.
 Obtain  Location  
Custom Sweeper Midgar Area  
Bull Motor Corel Prison (Disc 1)  
Death Machine Underwater path to the Junon Reactor
Pandora’s Box   110
  Attacks all enemies for physical damage.
 Obtain  Location  
Dragon Zombie Northern Crater  
Roulette   6
  Instantly kills a randomly selected character or enemy.
 Obtain  Location  
Death Dealer Northern Crater  
Shadow Flare   100
  Attacks one enemy for magic damage.
 Obtain  Location  
Ultimate Weapon Various Locations  
Dragon Zombie Northern Crater  
Safer Sephiroth Northern Crater  
Trine   20
  Attacks all enemies for lightning-elemental damage.
 Obtain  Location  
Godo Wutai Pagoda  
Stilva Gaea’s Cliff (CD 2)  
Materia Keeper Nibelheim Mountains (CD 1)  
White Wind   34
  Recovers lost HP to all party members depending on the casting characters HP. Also cures all status ailments.
 Obtain  Location  
Zemzelett Junon Grasslands  
Wind Wing Whirlwind Maze  
????   3
  Attacks one enemy for physical damage. Damage is equal to the total amount of damage the casting character has received during the battle.
 Obtain  Location  
Jersey Shinra Mansion in Nibelheim  
Behemoth Midgar Sector 8(CD 2 raid)  
King Behemoth Northern Crater

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