In this section you will find in-depth details on the weapons of each character. Below is an example of the layout and what each value in the box is to make it clear for you.

Growth denotes what multiplier will be applied when receiving AP from battle. Normal is 1x, Double is 2x, and Triple is 3x. Weapons with Triple multiplier growth are useful when you want to level materia fast, but normally weapons with a growth of Triple do not have many materia slots.

Atk denotes that Attack Value of the weapon, the higher the attack value, the higher the damage.

Damage is determined by your strength stat + the weapons attack stat.

Atk% is the percentage chance you will land a hit, consequently, the higher the value the more like you will hit.

There are two types of materia slots, single materia slots and paired materia slots. paired materia slots are useful when combining two materia’s to work synonymously. For more information please refer to the Materia Combinations section in the Walkthrough section.

ff7 pc weapons

Aeris Gainsborough Ultimate Weapon

Barret Wallace Ultimate Weapon

Cait Sith Ultimate Weapon

Cid Highwind Ultimate Weapon

Cloud Strife Ultimate Weapon

Red XIII Ultimate Weapon

Tifa Lockheart Ultimate Weapon

Vincent Valentine Ultimate Weapon

Yuffie Kisaragi Ultimate Weapon

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