FF7 Music Patch

The FF7 Music Patch was created by Ficedula, a very famous modder within the FFVII Modding community. This mod allows you to play external music files as opposed to the midi files which are much lower quality than the psf and mp3 files that can be used. Installing this mod can be slightly difficult as opposed to other mods so please ensure that you follow all the steps provided below.

1) Download will936’s FF7 Music folder as it has all the Original OST mp3 soundtracks already cropped so they can be used with this patch and will properly loop, as well as the psf files. Create a folder called something like ff7music, and put the mp3 files in the root drive of your computer. (e.g. C:\\ff7music) [note: For the sake of simplicity, I would advise that you use the mp3 files. Also, ficedula’s music patch is also in this download, do not use it as it is an older version].

2) Download Ficedula’s FF7 Music Patch (version: 1.51 Final)

3) Extract or copy/paste the files from this patch and paste into “C:\\Program Files\\Square Soft, Inc\\Final Fantasy VII” for Win32, or “C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Square Soft, Inc\\Final Fantasy VII” on Vista x64/Win7 x64.

4) In the ‘Ficedula’ folder, run FF7music.exe and click configure.

5) In the setup tab, change the location of where the in_mad.dll file is (as it should be in the game folder), and change the location of where the out_wave.dll. If you do intend to use the psf files, change the in_mad.dll file with the in_psf.dll file.

6) Go the the Files tab, and select which profile you would like to use. Use the OSTRemastered profile if you do intend to use the mp3 files, and use the PSF if you intend to use the psf files.

7) Be sure to change the location of the music at the bottom of the Files tab where it says “path to search for music files”, (e.g. Change to c:ff7music if this is where the music is).

8) Right click on ff7music.exe in the Ficedula folder and click on the compatibility tab, set the compatibility to Windows XP SP2. I would also suggest you change the compatibility of the ff7.exe in the game folder just in case.

9) In the game folder, open ff7_opengl.cfg and locate the #music command line and delete the “#” symbol. (If you do not have this file, please install Aali’s custom graphics driver)

10) Run FF7Music.exe and go to the playback options tab, choose the correct midi device, and be sure to check the “mute midi on custom playback” box.

11) Create a shortcut of ff7music.exe in the Ficedula folder and put it on your desktop (or start menu).

12) Whenever you choose to play the game, be sure to run the game through FF7Music.exe otherwise the custom mp3 files will not play.

If you are having trouble with installing this mod please check our youtube channel where there is a step by step tutorial video on how to install this mod.

This Tutorial videos shows you how to install FF7 Music Patch. Replaces the midi files with mp3 music ingame.

Please watch before Modding tutorial vid for clarification on what you need


  1. -No longer requires patching the EXE

    this is wat the readme says from the first file, the patch was taken down because it is no longer needed, hence why the link is broken. so download it, follow the readme, and replace all of the music with dubstep.

  2. 2) Download Ficedula’s FF7 Music Patch (version: 1.51 Final) <——bad link (HTTP 403 Forbidden)

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