Highwind Tool

Highwind is an LGP file viewer and extractor. It was created by Christian. This is beneficial for those wanting to look into the files used for Final Fantasy 7 PC. This program will also come in handy when you plan on replacing old models and textures with the newer models and textures created by the modding community (e.g. APZ Cloud Model).

To view a file with this program, simply click on “Open Archive” and select the .lgp file you wish to view. If you wish to extract files from an lgp file, simply open the lgp file you wish to extract (for instance, the battle.lgp file if you plan on updating the battle model) and click on “Extract all files”, it will ask you which folder you want to put the files in, just create a new folder and name it whatever you like.

To create a new .lgp archive, click on “Add Folder” (where all the files you need to archive into an lgp file are in), once the files can be seen in the list, click on “Save Changes”, it will ask you to name your new archive. Name it whatever you would like (though if you plan on replacing a model or texture, you will have to rename it to the same name of the file you originally extracted, e.g. battle.lgp)

Download Christian’s Highwind (Version:1.2)

If you are having trouble with using this Viewer/Extractor please check the Media section where there is a step by step tutorial video on how I installed the APZ Cloud model using Highwind.

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  1. Im getting the BAD REQUEST error whenever i try to follow the link, is there anywhere else to download this at?

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