Reasonable Difficulty Mod

The Reasonable Difficulty mod basically makes the game more difficult in a number of ways. Morph/Stealing/Win values have been changed, battles are harder and item drop rates have been changed. AP/Exp values have also changed. More enemies are now morphable, and even the final battle vs Sephiroth can be lost if you’re not careful. This mod was created by hay, check his Reasonable Difficulty Mod thread in the qhimm forums .

To install this patch, simply download the file listed below. Run the installer and direct it to your battle folder within your game directory.

You shouldn’t really have any problem with installing this mod but if you do encounter any bugs, please feel free to leave a comment in hay’s thread at the link provided above.

Download Reasonable Difficulty Mod (Version 1.1)

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One Comment

  1. Hi

    This patch dont work for me it says after selecting the battle folder -> unknown version!

    whats the reason?

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