Team Avalanche’s Graphical Overhaul

Team Avalanche’s Graphical Overhaul is yet another brilliant mod. It is a sizable project as the projects aim is to replace the world textures as well as the 2D backgrounds textures within the game. Currently the patch is at beta9, and is at an overwhelmingly brilliant stage. There is a remarkable difference between the game’s world textures and such before and after applying this patch. Team Avalanche are led by sl1982 and Timu Sumisu, with others within the team.

The graphical overhaul is pretty awesome, as it comes with a GUI overhaul, which improves the graphical quality of the main user interface (the menu, battle bar etc), upgraded spell effects, a world map re-texture (you can opt to upgrade the Diamond weapon field model and replace the old maps), and visually enhanced Barret and Diamond Weapon battle models. For anyone looking to mod their Final Fantasy 7 PC, I would highly recommend using this mod.

To install this mod, simply download the mod from the link provided below, and run the installer. Once you run the installer, you will be given options to choose what you do and don’t want to install so please be sure to check through the list. Also, lease make sure that you already have the 1.02 retail patch installed, as well as Aali’s Custom Graphics Driver, as this mod will not function without these two patches. If you do intend to use this and the Phoenix Rejuvenation Project mod, I would suggest that you first install the Phoenix Rejuvenation Project, followed by this one, as I have personally had some problems with installing this first.

If you are having trouble with installing this mod please check the Media section where there is a step by step tutorial video on how to install this mod (although this mod is extremely easy to install…). If you are having any other problems related to this mod, please either leave a comment here and I will get back to you as soon as I can or alternatively, please visit the Team Avalanche Official Problem Thread in the Qhimm Forums .

The official download thread:

Images of the mod installed, before and after: (after shot also includes Phoenix Rejuvenation Mod installed)

FF7 PC Before PatchFF7 PC After Patch

This video tutorial shows you how to update the playable and non-playable characters using the phoenix rejuvenation project mod!

Please watch before Modding tutorial video for clarification on what you need.


  1. @Malcolm
    I had your same problem and I solve it in a very simple mode. Run FF7Config.exe as admin (right click and set the option) and then set the custom drivers option another time. Now GOmod should run! Ciao

  2. I get the Aali pass on the Ff7config… But this installer still says that it is not installed properly. 🙁 Help?

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