Final Fantasy VII Remake

Fan Group Remakes Final Fantasy VII On Unreal Engine. Fan group Studio Paint released a video last week to show off its upcoming reimagination of popular role-playing game Final Fantasy VII, which it is developing on Epic Games’ Unreal Engine.

Head over to Studio Paint’s FFVII Remake website to check it out.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake News Timeline

May 31, 2010, Square Enix’s CEO Yoichi Wada stated that it would take longer than he is prepared to invest in a single project to be able to remake Final Fantasy VII. However, since Square Enix receives so many requests for a remake, the prospect for a remake has not been completely ruled out.
April 14, 2010: The truth about the Final Fantasy VII remake No matter how good something is, there’s always a part of us that wants to make it better. If Final Fantasy VII was amazing when it released in 1997, imagine how fun it would be to play a modern remake on a next-gen system today. The mere thought of a proper Final Fantasy VII sends us into fangasmic fits, filling our heads with fleeting visions of taking down Shinra and saving the world from Sephiroth once more. Only this time, it’ll all be in 1080p.

March 19, 2010: Final Fantasy XIII Director Wants to Remake Final Fantasy VII:During a Siliconera interview, Square Enix’s President and CEO Yoichi Wada stated that: Right now we don’t have a clear direction, but many fans have requested we remake Final Fantasy VII. We’re going to explore the possibility whether or not we’re going to do it, if we’re going to do it, and the platform.”

February 05, 2010: Final Fantasy VII Remake Less Likely? Square Enix designer Tetsuya Nomura doesn’t believe a Final Fantasy VII remake will happenfor some time”. He isn’t alone.

February 01, 2010: Square Exploring Final Fantasy VII Remake Final Fantasy XIII producer Yoshinori Kitase said:If it were possible that we had all the right facilities and the right environment to be able to make and prepare a Final Fantasy VII remake within a year, we’d very much like a go at it!”

January 23, 2010: Nomura: No on Final Fantasy VII Remake, yes on Cloud cameos On the always hot topic of future developments for the Cloud character, Nomura said the following: On the always hot topic of future developments for the Cloud character, Nomura said the following: Fans are looking forward to an oft rumored remake of FFVII, but I don’t believe this will happen for the time being. However, it’s possible that he will appear in other titles as a guest character.”
December 28, 2009: Nomura hints at Final Fantasy VII remake Nomura says: I can just say, that indeed, whereas I’m still working on Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Agito XIII and a little later on The 3rd Birthday (this year), we will announce other games this year and one is terribly awaited from everyone and often “REQUESTED” by fans and even by the press crew that I meet all over the world.”

February 8, 2009: Final Fantasy VII Remake Coming To PS3: When, Not IfFans have been caught in mass hysteria numerous times, starting with the Final Fantasy VII Tech Demo, and more recently when the Final Fantasy VII Playstation 3 was announced last month. Square Enix must clearly know the huge potential that this game has


  1. Oh hell yes…seeming as you get items from battle square and spending a long time racing chocobos for the extra materia. I also borrowed FF XIII recently…the opening is far too similar to FF 7 and as for the combat…BAH!! Does square enix want to make films instead of games now?

  2. They could even go that bit further and make the Gold Saucer even better. Gold Saucer in itself could be an entire game, figuratively speaking. I completely agree with you in regards to the FFXIII battle system – it totally blows; and yes, materia is amazing. I am still obsessed with this game! Why the hell do you think I went through the trouble to make this website!

  3. I fully agree with you. I really am waiting for the day they remake it. They’ve remade quite a few and even revamped them for different platforms such as the DS, the PSP and even the iPhone. Really don’t understand why after about 14 years they still haven’t decided to remake it; and if they aren’t, then they should be since virtually every Squaresoft fan wants it.

  4. Is it hard for “square-enix” to re-create this amazing game? They have time to make silly sequels and cameos (kingdom hearts//FF X-2 etc) which dont really cut it. Even so, it was harsh how they also put a revamp cinematic of the opening of FF7 which had lots of ppl excited…over nothing. This is the closest thing we will get to a remake in a long time if ever, i could not of set it up right without this sites guides/videos. Thanks for making me feel as excited as i did in 1997 =)

  5. when/if they do remake ff7 … i hope they keep the battle system please dont fuck it up by adding ff13s real time but not really real time battle system at least keep that retro … and if they remove the materia system theyl remove one of the things that made ff7 pretty much perfect i was 5 when i got ff7 it was the very first game i played on my playstation 1 and im still obsessed … oh yeah and to keep things fresh they should add more side missions and bosses like instead of just getting a golden chocobo which is painful in its self (they better not remove that either) to get to knights of the round why not add a cave as well? AHHHH theres so much they could do to make it even more awesome … i wish i was in charge of a team at square-enix cos id have it at least started by now considering i know the game inside out hahaha (much like other fans too i guess.

  6. I think that final fantasy 7 should be remade due to the fact of the game being a big hit back in 1997, and still a big hit now even with the lack of detail within the graffics the game it self is still highly paid and i think with the additon to add audio for the speach of the characters and higher resolution of graffics will lead to a high demand game, even now there are still millions of people still playing the game even though it lacks in so many ways compared to the modern gaming, i think that a remake would result in a high amount of sales for square enix.

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