Barret Wallace

Though he looks all tough and strong on the outside, he still has a pure heart. He’s known to get a little worked up at times (you may hear the occasional curse word here and there), but his cause is true and he’s really out to save the world.

Barret is generally a strong individual. He is the leader of the group AVALANCHE. He and the group are on a quest to stop Shinra – a large corporation – from extracting energy from the Lifestream (Mako Energy). He has a young daughter named Marlene whom he is always hesitant to leave behind. Though not mentioned until some progress has been made into the game, players are lead to believe that Shinra Corp is in someway responsible for the death of his wife. One of his strong points is his physical strength and the ability to stay in the back of the party and still be able to attack because of his long range weapons.

Limit Breaks:

Level 1:

Big Shot – Fires large sphere of energy from his Gun Arm,

Mindblow: Fires large sphere of blue energy which moderately depletes enemies MP,

Level 2:

Grenade Bomb: Targets enemies and launches a grenade at them,

Hammerblow: Launches a single target off the screen thereby removing them permanently from battle. Bosses are immune to this attack. ,

Level 3:

Satellite Beam: Targets all enemies with a satellite that has an energy cannon,

Ungarmax: sprays a large amount of ammo (and does considerable damage) on an enemy,

Level 4:

Catastrophe: Hovers over enemies in the air and fires a huge plasma burst. It is a strong attack but some hits miss as it isn’t fully accurate. To obtain Barrets’ Final Limit Break, speak to the lady in the house on the upper platform to the west in Corel after Meteor has been summoned, and she will give it to you.