Cait Sith

Cait has a very strange demeanor – not to mention he’s a talking cat. He acts obscurely most of the time and never really talks much about himself. Other than the fact that he wants to see the fortunes of Cloud, Tifa and Aeris play themselves out, he never even explains his reason for traveling with AVALANCHE, although his motives become clear towards the end of the game.

Much of Cait’s background is unknown, but the magical feline traveled from his homeland to the Gold Saucer to gamble and tell fortunes to those who would pay for them. He meets AVALANCHE at the Gold Saucer as they are in pursuit of Sephiroth, telling a particularly interesting fortune about Cloud, Tifa and Aeris. After much persistence, he joins the team in its fight against Sephiroth and Shinra, Inc..

Limit Breaks

Level 1:

Dice: Rolls two dice aimed at the enemy, the sum of dice x100 is done in damage to the enemy. In some cases, rolling a pair will land double damage.

Level 2:

Slots: The limit break is determined by what is selected during the slots. There are a number of different and some, very interesting outcomes:

Mog Dance (3 Stars):

Mog appears and restores HP & MP to the party,

Toy Soldier (3 Crowns):

6 toy soldiers spawn and attack the enemy,

Summon (3 Bars):

Casts a summon from the list of summons you’ve already obtained @ 0 MP,

Transformation (3 Cait Siths):

Transforms into a large version of himself, and the other party members disappear. His stats are equal to all three of the party members combined, and will fight the rest of the battle alone. In this instance, he is the only one that obtains any experience,

Lucky Girl(3 Hearts):

All Party members’ are critical hits until victory or defeat of the current battle,

Death to All (2 Cait Sith Faces, 1 Bar):

A very bizarre and obscure spell, this kills the entire enemy party instantly,

Instant Victory (3 Cait Sith Faces):

Instant Victory – works against all enemies*

*I haven’t tried it in the final battles vs Sephiroth so not sure about those, but all other enemies and bosses – it works.