Cid Highwind

Cid is a very cold and irritable person on the outside, ever since his dreams of space travel were shattered. He would rather hide away and fix his rocket than converse with anyone, especially his assistant Shera. He is a very determined person, and does not rest until a job is done.

Cid is a hilarious character because he’s always cursing. Cid is a both a brilliant pilot and mechanic and his dream was always to travel into outer space and was given the chance of fulfilling his dream when Shinra set up a launch base in his Hometown. Cid’s dreams were ruined as the space program was cancelled as Shera had doubts that the oxygen tanks had problems and remained beneath the Shuttle.

Limit Breaks

Level 1:

Boost Jump: Leaps towards the enemy and drives spear into it,

Dynamite: Lights dynamite and tosses it towards the enemy

Level 2:

Hyper Jump: Leaps into the air and drives spear into the ground, causing an explosion which damages all enemies.

Dragon: summons a dragon to attack a single enemy which subsequently transfers some HP&MP back to him.

Level 3:

Dragon Dive: Repeatedly jumps and drives spear into enemies randomly, causing a lot of damage.

Big Brawl: Jumps towards enemies and attacks them with a series of dangerous attacks.

Level 4:

Highwind: Calls for the Highwind which unleashes a number of rockets, consequently causing a massive amount of damage.

To obtain this limit break, you must use the Submarine and locate Gelnika (please refer to world map for location). Dock the Gelnika with the Submarine and inside the Cargo Bay you will find it.

*I haven’t tried it in the final battles vs Sephiroth so not sure about those, but all other enemies and bosses – it works.