Cloud Strife

Although he rarely ever admits it, Cloud is often quite withdrawn and introspective. He knows that there is much that he doesn’t understand about himself, and this causes him to be irritable at times, and sometimes even to rage at the other group members. When initially joining AVALANCHE, he has a very large ego pertaining to his skills and his past as an EX-SOLDIER. Towards the end he changes for the better once he realizes that there are bigger problems than himself to deal with.

When he was 16 years old, Cloud dreamt of joining the Shinra army to become just like his idol, Sephiroth. However, his hometown of Nibelheim is burnt to the ground by the one he so admired. After years of working as a mercenary, Cloud joined up with the rebel faction known as AVALANCHE to fight against Shinra.

Limit Breaks:

Level 1:

Braver: Leaps into the air and comes down upon the enemy with his sword,

Cross Slash: slashes the enemy three times, causing heavy damage and occasionally paralyzes the enemy.

Level 2:

Blade Beam: Sends a wave of energy at an enemy and then dissipates to other enemies, causing damage to all.

Climhazzard: Pierces an enemy with his sword, leaps high into the air, slicing the enemy.

Level 3:

Meteorain: Leaps into the air and casts devastating meteors upon the enemies.

Finishing touch: Creates a huge tornado which either vacuums all enemies up and defeats them or throws them back on the ground, causing a great deal of damage.

Level 4:

Omnislash: Unleashes fierce attacks on the enemy or enemies at random, hitting them around 16 times, causing massive damage.

To obtain this limit break, you must earn 32,000 points at the Gold Saucer Battle Arena trade in the points at the vendor(or alternatively 64,000 points on Disc 1 only).