Very wise and collected, Red XIII (Nanaki) is often the voice of reason for the group. He is very rational and calculating and often the one who can figure a way out of a situation. He is often found sitting and contemplating..

Very little is known about Red XII aside from the fact that he was born in Cosmo Canyon where all of his ancestors lived. He was found captured in Hojo’s laboratory by AVALANCHE at Shinra’s headquarters and then fled with them.

Limit Breaks:

Level 1:

Sled Fang: charges at enemy causing physical damage. (*long range attack)

Lunatic High: casts haste on entire party.

Level 2:

Bloodfang: charges at enemy causing physical damage, gains some HP & MP upon attacking.

Stardust Ray: Pierces an enemy with his sword, leaps high into the air, slicing the enemy.

Level 3:

Howling Moon: Howls upon the stars to fall upon the enemies, causing significant damage.

Earth Rave: 5x attack, using each magical element.

Level 4:

Cosmo Memory: Summons a large sphere of fire which engulfs enemies with its massive energy

To obtain this limit break, go to the Shinra Mansion found at Nibelheim and input the following code into the safe, which is found on the upper floor in the room to the west. (Note, you must enter the code exactly, i.e. if you pass a digit you must start over as it must be exact.)

Code: Right -36, Left-10, Right-59, Right-97.

Once you enter this you will fight a boss known as Lost Number, so be prepared for battle. If you are in doubt or need more information about how to defeat this boss please refer to the Boss Guide in the Walkthrough section. Upon defeating this boss, you will be rewarded with Cosmo Memory, along with some other items