Tifa Lockheart

Tifa is a typically happy and fairly independent person. Although she is well-off with the success of her bar in Midgar, she is a bit of a dreamer and secretly hopes that a “hero” will sweep her off her feet.

Tifa grew up in the same town as Cloud where the two became long-time friends. (Tifa even harbors feelings towards Cloud but won’t reveal them to him.) When she was 8 years old, she fell off of Mt. Nibel and slipped into a coma. Everyone blamed Cloud, but he was unaware that Tifa was there and couldn’t do anything to save her. As Cloud grew more and more obsessed with SOLDIER and her parents still blamed him, he left to join Shinra’s army. Tifa left as well, heading to Midgar to set up her own bar, Seventh Heaven. It was here that she met Barret and joined the AVALANCHE resistance movement. After meeting Cloud, she made it her duty to keep him in the group at any cost.

Limit Breaks

Level 1:

Beat Rush – dashes into the enemy and throws quick punches and kicks

Somersault – Flip kicks the enemy

Level 2:

Waterkick – does a sweep style kick with water element added to it on the enemy

Meteodrive – performs a back slam on the enemy

Level 3:

Dolphin Blow – Uppercuts the enemy, paired with water element magic (…and a dolphin)

Meteor Strike – Grabs the enemy and jumps into air and smashes them down into the ground head first

Level 4:

Final Heaven – Focuses energy into fist and hits the enemy with the force of a nuclear explosion

To obtain this limit break, head to Nibelheim and go to Tifa’s room at her house. Play the following song (precisely) to obtain her Limit break: [cancel, switch, menu, pgup + menu, pgup + switch, cancel, switch, menu, pgup + cancel, ok, cancel, switch, menu.