Vincent Valentine

Vincent is very reserved and cold to most people. Other than the fact that he has his own agenda to settle with Shinra and Sephiroth, he does not seem to care much about other things.

Very little is known about Vincent aside from the fact that he has undergone a lot of experimentation leaving him in his current form with the ability to readily turn into many beasts. AVALANCHE found him in a coffin in the basement of a giant mansion in Cloud’s old hometown of Nibelheim. After a great deal of persuasion, the hesitant Vincent agreed to help the team in its quest against Sephiroth and Shinra, Inc

In order to obtain Vincent, you must head to the Shinra Mansion and go to the Upper Left Western Room within the house. Note, before entering the code be fully prepared as you will face the Boss Lost Number, please check the Boss Guide if you need information on how to defeat this boss.

The Code is: Right -36, Left-10, Right-59, Right-97.

Upon Defeating him you will find a key. Proceed to the basement hallway (if you are unsure where this is please refer to the walkthrough) enter the wooden door to the far side of the wall. Approach the coffin and you will engage in conversation with Vincent. This conversation is covered in-depth in the walkthrough section, but upon leaving the room Vincent will join your party.

Limit Breaks

Level 1:

Galian Beast – Transforms into a purple beast with horns. Attacks include Beast Flare (Fire Elemental) and Berserk Dance

Level 2:

Death Gigas – Transforms into a beasts that remotely resembles Frankenstein. Attacks include Livewire (Lightning elemental) and Gigadunk

Level 3:

Hellmasker – Transforms into a madman with hockey mask and has a chainsaw (Texas Chainsaw Massacre FTW). Attacks include Nightmare (causes several status effects) and Splatter combo

Level 4:

Chaos – Transforms into a winged demon and attacks are non-elemental. Attacks include Chaos Saber and Satan Slam.

In order to obtain this Limit Break, you must go to Lucrecia’s cave (which can only be done when you have a Gold Chocobo or Submarine) on either disc 2 or 3. Approach the platform and press OK to obtain both the Ultimate Weapon and His Limit Break. Please refer to World Map to find out the location of Lucrecia’s Cave.