Where can I download Final Fantasy 7 PC?

Okay, so you need to download one or more of the CD’s because your CD’s are scratched/damaged, what should you do? You can either download a digital copy of Final Fantasy 7 PC (this will be made available soon by some D2D websites*) OR you download using torrents. To download the CD’s using a torrent, download Bittorrent, install it. And then, you must make sure that you download an original backup of Final Fantasy 7 PC as opposed to the Final Fantasy 7 Ultima version. The file size of the torrent should be exactly 2.2gb as opposed to the 1.01gb that Final Fantasy 7 Ultima is. Anyway, click the following link to: Download The Original Final Fantasy 7 PC version.Simply Click on the link, and download the .torrent file and you should be able to select what CD’s you need to download. Once you have downloaded the CD’s, check out the ISO Guide on how to install and play Final Fantasy 7 PC. Just want to clarify that I am not endorsing illegal file sharing, it is at your sole risk, of course if you are more a ethical and a true fan then please read below on where you can get your hands on a hard copy; and if you’re anything like me – having an original copy of Final Fantasy 7 on every single platform is a must

Where can I buy Final Fantasy 7 PC?

Final Fantasy 7 PC can be bought from Amazon, Ebay and a number of other sites. I bought my own platinum version from Amazon. Prices are reasonable, though if you search enough you will find one for a very reasonable price . Why should you buy it? Well, an unbelievable amount of effort went into this game and if you want to give credit where it is quite clearly due then please purchase one. However, the downside is that if you scratch one of your Final Fantasy 7 PC CD’s then you probably won’t be able to play the game. I would highly suggest that you read the ISO guide that I have written to help you make backups of your CD’s on to your hard drive. Read above if you would like to download one of the CD’s if it is damaged. All the CD’s are available online through torrents. Whilst this may appear to be illegal, it is not illegal if you own the original game.