Game Info

Final Fantasy 7 for the PC was published by Eidos Interactive shortly after it was released on the Playstation version, and 12 years after its release, this game still has a massive following. If you’re looking for information on the storyline and such please head to the links section.

Notably, the main difference between the Playstation and The Final Fantasy 7 PC version is the graphics, and of course a difference in controls, if you opt to play with a keyboard as opposed to a USB Game Controller (Default controls in the Game Controls section). Since the port from the PS version to the PC version wasn’t done as well as it should have been, and most people who have played Final Fantasy 7 PC version would agree with me, I feel as if though the Final Fantasy 7 PC version has worse 2D backgrounds and the Music quality isn’t as good since it uses a Midi Synthesizer as opposed to full quality sound files. Especially since the game was released in 1998 , if you play it on an Operating system today it is quite likely that you’ll be playing the Final Fantasy 7 PC version on Windows XP, Vista, or 7, so there will be inevitably be some compatibility issues and a handful of bugs & glitches.

Please don’t forget to check out the Final Fantasy 7 PC Mods section for information and links to tweak the game which in my opinion, will make for a better play through. The Final Fantasy 7 PC Modding community have invested a large portion of their time to create Mods which improve the a number of things. There are of course, some Mods which allow you to go beyond the ghastly 9999 HP, MP and Damage Limit and even go as far as changing the existing, blocky, lego-like character models to more realistic 3d Models.