Materia effectively comprises the very core of Final Fantasy 7’s Battle System. I have played almost all of the Final Fantasy 7 games, and for some obscure reason I have always regarded the Materia system as one of the best systems ever crafted. In any case, throughout the game you will encounter a number of shiny orbs which can be acquired. Materia can be acquired on the map, through battles, and can also be bought. In this section you will find a comprehensive list of all the Materia available in the game. Below is a box of which will highlight what information is contained in each box on each of the pages to make it clear.

Materia can be mastered by battling enemies and obtaining AP. Ap Growth denotes how much AP is required to reach the next level until its finally mastered. With each level obtained, some materia give a percentage increase in its effect or an increase in its usage. When a materia is mastered, another materia is born (i.e. you get a 2nd materia of the same kind from the 1st materia). Some Materia can be combined to create powerful Materia combo’s.

Command Materia | Independent Materia | Magic Materia | Summon Materia | Support Materia