When playing Final Fantasy 7, you will encounter a number of different methods of transportation. The following vehicles can be acquired throughout the game and can be used either on land, sea or air.


The buggy is acquired after your encounter with Dio, at the Gold Saucer. After battling through the Desert situated outside the Gold Saucer, you will be given this vehicle.


When on the world map, you will occasionally encounter a Chocobo which can be caught upon feeding it some greens. There is more information in the walkthrough regarding how to breed and acquire chocobos. A Yellow chocobo can only run on terrain, while a blue chocobo allows you to travel on rivers and shallow water, a green chocobo allows you to travel on mountains, a black chocobo can cross both mountains and rivers, and a gold chocobo allows you to travel anywhere on the map, on all ocean, rivers, mountains and land.

Tiny Bronco

The Tiny Bronco belongs to Cid Highwind. It is a small but very quick airplane. As it was shot down by the Shinra, it can only be used to travel shallow waters.


After thieving the Submarine from the Shinra, the party can use the submarine to explore previously unreachable areas within the ocean, such as Lucrecia's cave, the sunken gelnika, and of course later on you will be able to fight the most powerful Weapon. Please refer to the walkthrough section for more information on these zones and encounters.


The Highwind is the final vehicle you will acquire during a playthrough. It is a very fast aircraft, and is originally owned by Cid until of course it was stolen by the Shinra. Towards the end of the game, Cid steals it back and can be used by the Party. The Highwind includes a chocobo stable, a large deck, a save point, and a conference room.