What are mods?

Well, if you are completely unfamiliar with the term “mod”, then please read this. In any case, the mods that have been written for Final Fantasy 7 PC are remarkable pieces of work. Some of the most noteworthy modders are: Aali, Qhimm, Jedwin, halkun, apz freak, sl1982, team avalanche, ficedula, dziugo, squall78, dreakon, and sithlord84 to name a few of the many great modders out there. I have to admit, Final Fantasy 7 PC is a great game in itself, but I have really enjoyed playing through it over and over with the use of these amazing mods. In my opinion they really do improve some aspects fo the game and are definitely worth using (despite the occasional problematic bug here and there).

What Final Fantasy 7 PC Mods are there?

In this section, the sub-menu is broken down into five different categories. The programs featured in each category are different from one another. Each mod or program has been documented in each section, and where possible, a guide has been provided on how to either install or use them. Some of the information is supplementary to the tutorial videos you will find in the Media section, as I have created some simple and easy to follow tutorial videos on how to install or make use of some of the mods/programs featured in this section which can be found on our Youtube channel. Again, if there is something that is unclear, or is not working for you, then please leave a comment either here or on our channel and we will do our best to help you.

Essential things needed to be done before installing any mods

Before installing any mods you must do the following:

  1. Install the official game (not the Ultima version)
  2. Install the official 1.02 Final Fantasy 7 PC Patch
  3. Install Aali’s Custom Graphics Driver (tutorial vid in the media section)
  4. Make sure you have either disabled UAC (User account control) or you have enabled Administrator Privileges
  5. In some cases, it does help to enable Compatibility Mode (switch to Windows 98/Me)

Now, you should be ready and be able to apply the mods to Final Fantasy 7 PC.

Before I make mention of anything related to Mods, I would just like to stress that the mods featured in this section have not been made by me, I do not wish or attempt to take any credit for any of the mods. Each mod featured in this section has been properly accredited to its respective author. I would also suggest that you pop into the Qhimm forums and say a great big thank you to all of the modders and contributors over there, as without their hard efforts and long hours that they’ve spent working on these mods, we wouldn’t have any of these mods at all.