Aali’s Custom Graphics Driver

Aali’s custom graphics driver is exactly what it says in the title. It loads custom graphics drivers for Final Fantasy 7 PC as opposed to the internal graphics drivers. This is probably the most essential mod that currently exists for the game, as it fixes a great deal of issues related to graphics bugs (such as the infamous Chocobo racing glitch). Not only does it do this, but it allows a lot of customization (which was previously unavailable) of the game itself. It also fixes the speed issues for the mini-games through limiting the frames, among other things.

In using this mod, you can very easily change the resolution of the game (whilst it was previously locked to 640 x 480 fullscreen) as well as play the game in windowed mode. The driver significantly improves the core graphics of the game, making it much crisp and high quality.

Before installing the most recent release of this mod, you must ensure that in your save folder of your game folder, you have all the save slots filled (i.e. save00.ff7 all the way up to save09.ff7, so 10 separate save files) as well as the ff7input.cfg. If you do not know how to do this, the best way is to play through the first part up until the first save point. Save your game in each of the 9 slots to ensure these files exist. Upon playing the game for the first time, the ff7input.cfg file will also be created. If you already have backup saves (up until save09.ff7) and an ff7input.cfg file already backed up, there is no need to worry and you can go ahead with the install.

Applying this mod to Final Fantasy 7 PC is relatively easy. After installing the 1.02 Retail patch, and once you have downloaded the custom graphics driver, extract (or cut and paste) all the files into the Final Fantasy 7 PC Folder, which is normally (“C:\\Program Files\\Square Soft, Inc\\Final Fantasy VII\\” or “C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Square Soft, Inc\\Final Fantasy VII\\” on Vista x64/Win7 x64).

Once you have done this, run FF7Config and you should get a “Pass” message which indicates you are effectively ready to play. Before launching the game, find the ff7_opengl.cfg file and edit it to your preferences. Aali has taken the liberty of explaining what each command line is for so it should be simple. If you are having trouble installing this mod, please refer to the Media section where there is a step by step tutorial video on how to install it. If you are having any other problems with the mod, please leave a comment below or alternatively, check Aali’s thread in the Qhimm Forums .

Download Aali’s Custom Graphics Driver (v0.78b) – updated link.

Download ff7input.cfg – Side note, please check the Game Controls and scroll to the bottom to see my controls layout. Of course once you are in game, you can change the controls to whatever you prefer through the menu.

Aali’s custom graphics driver improves the graphics of Final Fantasy 7 PC. It fixes some bugs/glitches and allows you to change the resolution of the game. It also lets you play in windowed mode.

If you plan on installing other mods, it’s important you install this as it is a requirement by other mods.

Please watch before Modding tutorial video for clarification on what you need. (less info)