APZ Cloud Project

The APZ Cloud Model, was created by APZ Freak. It is a fine piece of 3d artistry, and a great improvement from the original cloud battle model. This Model simply replaces the old battle model, and does not change the field model. Whilst you may think that creating a model can be done within hours, it can take a very long time just to create one model.Check out the APZ Cloud Project thread in the Qhimm Forums. Currently, this is not the only model that can replace the original Cloud Battle Model, there are a few other models that have been created (e.g. Advent Children Custom Cloud Model). If you are in interested in installing and exploring other models and textures, please check the Qhimm Customising wiki, and scroll down to Models/Textures, the link has been provided in the side menu.

Installing this model may be slightly more difficult than installing previous mods. For the sake of simplicity, check the Highwind page under, as installing this model will require some basic knowledge on how to use Highwind (you could also use LGP Tools but there some issues with it currently). In any case, simply download the model from the link provided below. There are two folders within this download. Extract the contents of battle.lgp (be sure to create a backup of this file just in case anything goes wrong) which can be found in the “C:\\Program Files\\Square Soft, Inc\\Final Fantasy VII\\data\\battle” into a new folder, and copy the contents of the two folders found in the download and overwrite/replace the existing files in the extracted folder. Once you have done this, create a new archive using Highwind and name it battle.lgp. Once this is done, be sure to check that the file size of the new battle.lgp is slightly larger than the original battle.lgp (roughly 72mb) to be sure there is nothing wrong. Now, overwrite the original battle.lgp in the /data/battle folder. The new battle model should now have replaced the old battle.