Black Chocobo Save Editor

Black Chocobo is a great Save Game Editor (which is based on Qhimm’s Jenova Game Save Editor) which basically allows you to edit your save files. It was created by Sithlord48.Check out his thread in the Qhimm Forums.

Hmm… Don’t get too carried away, it will ruin the game experience if you give yourself everything! It has a relatively easy to use UI so I don’t really need to explain much. I would suggest you mess around with the options available to work out how to use it.

I would highly suggest that you backup your save files as there is always that small chance that it can corrupt your save file.

A few things to note, is that it seems you are unable to give yourself Chocobo’s and some of the functions aren’t currently working, so I suppose with the next update of Black Chocobo these will all be made available.

Download Black Chocobo (Version 0.8)