Custom Cloud Advent Children Models

This Mod replaces both field and battle models of Cloud into models that resemble Cloud in Advent Children. This mod was created by kula_wende and its pretty darn good piece of work. For those AC Lovers out there, it looks like this:

To install this, you must do the following:

  1. Download Cloud AC Custom Models
  2. Decide which you want to install, as you cannot install both chibi and hi-res field models. If you are using PRP mod then I’d recommend installing the Hi-res Models
  3. For the Cloud AC Battle Model, extract battle.lgp as detailed in APZ Cloud Project or Highwind Tool Tutorials. Copy the files from the downloaded folder and put them in the battle.lgp folder (be sure to backup your battle.lgp just in case). And then Recompile and put the battle.lgp back into it’s folder.
  4. For the Cloud AC Field Model, locate the char.lgp file which can be found in your game folder, extract it using Highwind like before (again, be sure to back it up just in case), replace the files from the downloaded folder (in this instance, the Cloud AC Hi-Res folder) and then recompile char.lgp.
  5. Put it back in your folder and you should be set

Adrien says:

MAY 14, 2011 AT 7:54 AMEDIT

To get rid of the “ERROR: Could not open file Cloud.T04” do the following.

-Before doing step 3 in the above FAQ, go to the folder you just extracted and then go to battle -> final battle

-In the ‘final battle’ folder, copy the ‘siaa’ file and then paste it into the previous ‘battle’ folder.

-In the ‘battle’ folder, delete the file ‘rtaa’ (this is the corrupt file by the way because of a texture count problem).

-rename the file ‘siaa’ you previously copied over to ‘rtaa’ and then continue on with the instructions in the FAQ above.