Loveless Editor

Loveless is a Dialogue editor which allows you to…edit the dialogues in game. It also allows you to resize the dialog windows. It was created by squall78, check the Loveless thread in the qhimm forums .

Did you ever see the alternate date scenes which were created by Scorpicus? Well if you haven’t, go to Youtube and check out his videos. Scorpicus used a dialog editor to edit the dialogues and was able to make those hilarious scenes. To be able to create such scenes, you would have to work out where the exact dialogue took place, and then of course write your own script and replace or create new dialogue within that scene. I would advise you to be sure to backup the file that needs editing. The file that needs to be opened is flevel.lgp which can be found in the data folder of your game (C:\\Program Files\\Squaresoft, Inc\\Final Fantasy VII\\data\\field\). It is slightly tedious to explain how to use this without being able to demonstrate, so I would advise to check the media section for a very brief tutorial on how to play around with this editor if you intend to use it, and perhaps create your own scenes!.

Loveless (Version 2.5)