Phoenix Rejuvenation Project

The Phoenix Rejuvenation Project (which is actually a continuation from the NPC Rejuvenation Project) is perhaps seen as one of the biggest projects ever undertaken within the Final Fantasy 7 PC Modding Community. It has spanned for over the last 5 years. The main modders who have been working on this are: ice_cold513, Borde, stormmedia.

The Phoenix Rejuvenation Project is effectively the complete overhaul (or visual enhancement) of the NPC’s within the game. In effect, roughly 60% of the NPC’s that you will encounter in game have been changed from the previous chibi and blocky like models, into fuller and more realistic 3d models. As you can imagine, a project of this nature, and given the sheer amount of NPC’s that exist within Final Fantasy 7 PC, it would take a very long time. On a side note, if you do happen to be a 3d Artist/Designer, have a passion for the game and you are willing to help out, please visit the Phoenix Rejuvenation Project Thread in the Qhimm Forums and give them a hand!

To install this mod, simply download the mod from the link provided below, and run the installer. Please make sure that you already have the 1.02 retail patch installed, as well as Aali’s Custom Graphics Driver.

After running the installer, you will find two icons on your desktop. Delete both icons as they are not needed. Instead, go into the data folder (usually “C:\\Program Files\\Square Soft, Inc\\Final Fantasy VII\\data” for Win32, “C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Square Soft, Inc\\Final Fantasy VII\\data” on Vista x64 and Win7 x64) and locate ffprp. In the folder, rename 00.lgp to char.lgp and 01.lgp to world_xx.lgp (where xx denotes what version you have, most people have world_us.lgp).

Copy and replace/overwrite the existing char.lgp with the new one in the field folder and copy and replace/overwrite the world_xx.lgp with the new one in the WMRP folder. Both the folders can also be found in the data folder. Once you are done, delete ffprp and run the game. 65% of the characters in-game should now look awesome. As this is still an ongoing project, please be sure to check back for later updates of either here or in the link provided above.

Download Phoenix Rejuvenation Project (Version 0.1)

Thomas says:

Hi, after i install the Phoenix Rejuvenation Project acording to the tutorial i need to locate a folder called “ffprp” inside my “data” folder. However, after following the guide step by step i find it strange i do not have the “ffprp” folder. My Final Fantasy is US version, its v 1.02. Has “Aali’s Custom Graphics Driver” installed, and working. What could be my problem. Thanks in advance, Thomas.

Justin says:

When I look in the data folder there is now “Field” folder so where am i supposed to put the char.lgp?

jorge says:

when looking for the folder ffprp it does not exist after the installation. why? I got every thing to work except this, I’m gout crazy I want this more than anything in the world.please someone else please.

livetruthfully says:

Hi Lenard,

I had the same question you did before doing some exploration. If you have the PC version (which you should for any of these patches to work) look in the data folder and you’ll find “wm” (world map). That should be the folder you’re looking for, just paste the world_us.lgp there.

Hope that solves everything, take it easy.