Remix Patcher

The Final Fantasy VII Remix patch is a compilation of a number of mods all put into one installer file. In some ways, it’s very useful as it applies all the mods itself and can be very beneficial to those who do not either have the know how or the patience to install mods separately. The downside to using this patch is that since a number of the mods available are work in progress, each time there is an update, given the sheer size of the file (approx 1 gb), it would become relatively tedious to know how to apply the updated mods so you would have to wait for a new release of this patch. I would however, highly recommend this to people who would like to install their game on a second computer or laptop and do not wish to go through the process of manually modding it all over again. This patch was created by titeguy, check his Remix Patch thread in the Qhimm forums.

To install this patch, simply download the file listed below. Run the installer and it should do everything itself. Fore more comprehensive information on this patch, please visit the link above.

Given the nature of this patch, it would be almost impossible for me to work out where any installation or other problems have arisen from, so your best bet is to head over to the link above.

Final Fantasy 7 Remix Patch (Version 2.5.1)